My “Before”


This is me before I became raw, I was a junk-food vegetarian. I’m looking pretty round, and why didn’t anyone tell me my hair looked like a helmet? Sadly, this picture was taken as a “before” picture for yet another diet/exercise program that I wasn’t successful at.



These “before” photos make me sad remembering how tired I always was and dissappointed in myself that I couldn’t get my act together and lose some weight.


Famly-LDS-orgHere’s our family picture in April 2008. I had been raw for only 2 months and already looked and felt so much better. 22 pounds long gone!


Post-Images_173 months raw and looking less “round”, hurray! Physically and mentally feeling fantastic and loving life. It’s amazing what you’re body can do if you feed it pure, natural, nutritious and delicious food. Lost: 28 pounds – Found: energy, enthusiasm for life, good attitude, clear skin and eyes, mental focus, strong body and respect for myself.


Post-Images-long_05July 2008 – 4 months raw. I am enjoying so much more of life, like gardening (and shopping for new clothes)! The extra energy I feel every day is wonderful.  


Post-Images-long_13Fourth of July 2008, enjoying the sunshine on the porch. In the past you’d have never talked me into a picture in a swimming suit. It is so liberating not to feel so self conscious! Down 34 pounds and I’m almost to the weight I want. Now I’m concentrating more on firming up and flattening out my poochy stomach that has always been my challenge. The best part is feeling so strong and healthy that I look forward to running on my lunch hours. I can run every day now instead of needing a day for my body to recover from the aches and pains between work outs. I actually love it! Call me crazy…go ahead, you know you want to, and I don’t mind!