Post-Images-long_05Let me just tell you that I started by having raw breakfast and lunch, then eating a cooked vegan dinner for a couple of months and it was O.K. for a transition. I felt a little better, lost a little weight, got used to how it felt to be satisfied after a raw meal, but it was hard sticking to it! When I decided to get on board 100% it was so much easier to resist cooked food – I didn’t even want it. Cooked food smells good to me, but it is like smelling flowers, I enjoy taking nice big sniffs but I don’t want to eat them. And then the weight just started falling off. It was amazing to me! I also exercise most days. You will want to, too and your body needs it!

Aerobic exercise gets your energy up, your mood happy and keeps everything moving through your body, plus it keeps that weight coming off if you need it to. Add weights to firm, tone up and make your bones strong to avoid osteoporosis.

Some of the exciting benefits you will gain by eating raw and living foods are: Increased physical energy Rapid weight-loss Phenomenal health Greater mental acuity Vibrant and glowing skin Spiritual growth Balanced emotional states Youthfulness and longevity No kidding! You will experience great physical and mental changes. It is an adjustment getting used to cold food and you need to change your attitude about how “full” you need to feel all the time or what a meal consists of. But feeling a clean and energetic body is a great payoff for the small sacrifices you will make. So, now that you know my story I’m sure you are excited to get on with yours.